Welcome to Aerodero

Hello friend!

Welcome to Aerodero. First you should know that Aerodero aggregates cheap flights.

Aerodero scans the internet for posts about pricing mistakes, fare deals and big discounts. When a deal is found a link is neatly organized under a departure city. Right now I’m tracking flights from Atlanta. Want me to add your city? Let me know by filling out this form.

So what kind of deals can you expect from Aerodero?

Atlanta Departures

How will I be notified about these deals?

Pricing mistakes and fare discounts are often limited by time or quantity. That’s why Aerodero has a built in system that will send you desktop or email notifications whenever a new deal is posted.

You must sign up and become a member to receive notifications. There are more details about how to subscribe to notificaitons at the link below.

OK, how do I sign up?

For the time being Aerodero is going to be an invite-only community. I have limited time and resources to spend on this project. If you are interested, you can be invited by an existing member. If they are unsure how to invite you, send them this link.

Occasionally I will open membership up to whoever wants to join. However, these will be time-limited opportunities.

What else can I do here?

Well, Aerodero is built using forum software—the some one I use for Product Dork. There is the opportunity to create some sort of travel community.However, I don’t have any definitive plans.

If you have ideas or want to talk about anything, head over to General Discussion and let me know!