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Get notified about new flight deals

A main feature of Aerodero is the ability to subscribe and receive email updates for discount fares. It’s fairly easy. Here’s how. Choose what city you’d like to get email updates from Select the circle in the top righ…

2 February 2, 2019
How to Invite Friends to Aerodero

Because I am trying to keep Aerodero small for now, this is an invite-only community. That means you must know an Aerodero member to be invited to join. If you are a member and want to invite friends, the process is eas…

2 January 21, 2019
Flights not loading March 3, 2019 3 March 13, 2019
Why are there deals with wrong departure cities appearing? 1 January 9, 2019
About the Help and Updates category 1 October 2, 2018